Symon Armstrong

I am Symon Armstrong and am very proud to be the owner and director of Harakeke Early Learning Centre.

I hail from a medical background having worked as a GP at Mt Maunganui for many years and latterly in the Tauranga Hospital Community Alcohol and Drug Service. I have also been involved with operating preschools for over 20 years.

My work as a Medical Practitioner taught me that every disadvantaged, welfare dependent, or substance dependent person is in that situation for good reasons. Many of these reasons are not only hard for others to understand but also extremely hard for folk to overcome without the right support. Such disadvantages can strike any of us at any time regardless of where we sit in the socio-economic spectrum. When such events strike, those folk with a robust resilience factor cope far better than less resilient souls. The preschool years offer the best opportunities for children to develop strong resilience. You will see that at Harakeke we work on helping children develop confidence, good self-esteem, strong social connections and intrinsic motivation. These are the scaffolding on which resilience is built.

That is why I continue to love what we provide at Harakeke. Thank you for entrusting your children to our care.