Infant | Te Rito

 (0 – 2 year olds)

It all starts with your baby where we cater for a small group of under two year olds. The philosophy is based on Te Rito, the heart of the harakeke. We aim to nurture our babies in a whanau environment.

Our dedicated centre for infants between 0-2 years old, is staffed by dedicated team of carers who love to educate & stimulate our little students! When first learning to navigate the world, babies love to experience sound, colours, shapes & objects. Caring staff in our Te Rito Centre help our student babies develop the basic skills that will help them navigate life, all in a safe, fun environment.

Toddler | Te Korari

(2 – 3 1/2 year olds)

It’s often said that the ‘toddler’ years is often the most developmental of a child’s life. It’s a period of accelerated cognitive, emotional and social development. It’s typically the stage in a child’s life where they develop a sense of ‘self’. Emotional development is also an important part of the toddler years. Coupled with a rapidly expanding vocabulary it’s a beautiful time when our tamariki’s personalities start to strengthen.

Our Te Korari Centre here at harakeke Early Learning Centre allows our students to blossom. Our dedicated team help guide our amazing toddler students through this important stage in their lives.

Pre School | Korimako

(3 1/2 – 5 year olds)

Our Korimako Centre here at Harakeke Early Learning Centre plays an important part in preparing our tamariki for primary education. This the period in a child’s life where they further develop their social, communication, creative play and emotional skills. It’s a stage in their development where they learn the value of both individuality and teamwork.

Laying the foundations and developing awareness for literacy and mathematical learning is key, along with helping students develop their own paths in constructive, logical thinking.

Our Korimako team of pre-school educators love helping our little group of pre-schoolers build their confidence and find their individual strengths in readiness for the move to primary school. We take great pride that we played a part in getting them ready for the next big step in their education.

Child Placements

Enquire as to vacancies for your child, today

Our centre is licensed for 71 Children from zero to six years old, with up to 16 aged under two. If you would like to enrol your child at Harakeke Early Learning Centre, please fill out an enquiry form.