We have a great team who are committed to giving your children high quality early childhood education and care.

We ensure that we have at least 80% of our team who are Early Childhood Qualified and Registered with the Education Council.


Debbie Nelson

20160701_124405Ko British Airways te waka

Ko Castle Hill te maunga

Ko Thames te moana

I whanau mai au I a Ingarangi

Engari, kei te noho ahau ki Rotorua inaianei

Ko Debbie Nelson toku nei ingoa

I have been the Centre Manager here at Harakeke Early Learning Centre (previously Kreative Kidz) since October 2013 and have loved the challenges that come with this position.  We have a great group of children, families and staff and I look forward to continuing on this new journey with you all at Harakeke. I have had many years of experience in a number of different roles within the ECE sector and this is the only sector I have ever worked in since I was 18.  I am married to Chris and together we have 2 children, Jessie who is studying at Waikato towards her Bachelor of Teaching and James who attends John Paul College.

My door is always open if you want a chat….. come and have a coffee anytime.         


Koringo Marsters

20160701_120308Ko Raemaru te maunga

Ko Puaikura te vaka

Ko ngati Piriau e Ngati Pera toku Kopu Tangata

Ko Ngati Tinomana toku Kopu Ariki

No Rarotonga, te Kuki Airani mai au

E rima aku tamariki e rima mokopuna tamaroa

Ko Koringo Marsters toku ingoa



Late 2006 I gave up my hospitality job to pursue something that I’ve always wanted to do so in 2007 I went to Waiariki to train as a teacher. I’ve always worked with children in my church and community and working with children is enlightening, interesting, and challenging.  I love that each day is different and that each child brings something new and special to the group.  I enjoy working in an environment that is supportive and collaborative among all of the teachers and staff. You are a crucial part of each child’s development. It’s you who teaches right from wrong, how to share, how to take turns, and what it means to have kind words and touches. You help develop these kids, day in and day out, and you mold them into their future selves.

It  feels good to know that you’ve made a difference in a child’s future. No reira, Haere mai and have a chat and you can find me in the Korimako centre for the older tamariki. Kia orana!




Nicky Hawker

20160701_123158Tena koutou katoa

Ko Ngongotaha te maunga

Ko Rotorua-nui-a-kahumatamomoe te Moana

Ko Te Arawa te waka

Ko Stacey rawa ko Logan aku tamariki

Ko Nicky Hawker toku ingoa.


Kia Ora, I am Nicky Hawker.

I have been an Early Childhood Educator for over 20 years.

I gained my Diploma of Teaching through the New Zealand Tertiary College and furthered my education with The University of Canterbury studying for 1 year to come out with a Certificate of Learning Support with an endorsement in Special Needs. I like to keep upskilling myself personally and professionally to keep myself fresh. I love the career path I have chosen because it is such a rewarding one; the children bring such light into my life.

I love working here Harakeke Early Learning Centre as it is such a fabulous place to be with such caring, supportive and wonderful people. Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family and my friend who I support through the IHC. I also volunteer my time on a Thursday night at Community Kai where we serve anybody who would like a meal and some company.  I really enjoy doing these roles as they are very humbling. Keeping fit is one of my passions so I like to go walking and exploring new places.


Ariana Walker

20160701_115227Kia Ora tatou

Ko Matawhaura te maunga

Ko Rotoiti te moana

Ko Te Arawa te waka

Ko Ngati Pikiao te hapu

Ko Te Arawa te iwi

Ko Te Takinga te whare tupuna

Ko au te mokopuna o ratou tupuna

Ko Ariana Walker ahau


Kia Ora e te whanau,

Ko Ariana toku ingoa.  No konei ahau engari i tipu ahau i te 1pito o Te Taitokerau.  Tokowha aku tamariki, tokotoru aku mokopuna hoki.  Ko au tetahi o nga kaiako ki Harakeke Early Learning Centre.

I have 15 years experience in ECE, qualifying in 2008 with Te tari puna ora o Aotearoa. I am also fully registered and am continuously seeking opportunities to enhance my skills, abilities, strengths and interests through various professional development.  My strongest passion is Te reo me nga tikaanga Maori, however making those special connections, developing meaningful relationships, having fun, being part of every milestone, helping your child to grow and develop confidently and competently are only some of the greatest rewards I get to share with each tamaiti, their whanau and all the wonderful staff here at Harakeke Early Learning Centre.  Ahakoa he iti he pounamu.

Therefore, I look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with your child.

No reira, if you have any questions or korero you would like to share, kia kaha whanau, you’ll find me in Te Korari (Toddler centre).

Judy Anne Morgan

Qualified and Certificated ECE Teacher


Loimata Vili

Qualified ECE Teacher


Jaime Butler

Unqualified ECE Teacher



Laura Begley

Office Manager and

Qualified and Certificated ECE Teacher



Amanda Watson

Kitchen Manager